Eat Me: The 30 Ounce 44 Farms Tomahawk From Resto Gastro Bistro

rgbby Steven Doyle

Beef is pretty popular this season, and chef-owner DJ Quintanilla from Resto Gastro Bistro is throwing down a gauntlet-sized haunch from 44 Farms. Gather your taste imagination for this. The slab of bone-in ribeye is cooked with a Chicago-style crust, served with a side of smoked mozzarella creamed spinach, and topped with pats of compound butter made with black garlic, shallots, jalapeno, cracked black pepper, sea salt, green onions and parsley. That smoked mozz is from Deep Ellum and the side is made with butter, heavy cream, cream cheese, and spinach. Drool.   

44 Farms is fast becoming the steak of choice for Dallas chefs. Its pure genetic breeding of the superior Black Angus herd from its ranch in the Hill Country of Texas is sought after for its perfect marbling, lack of hormones or drugs, and its beautiful flavor. It is Quintanilla’s choice for beef at his restaurant, and this slab can be yours for a mere $62.


Resto Gastro Bistro is one of the many restaurants in Trinity Groves. Call 214.584.6747 for reservations. 


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