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20150303_202515_1by Steven Doyle

I have been checking in at Scotch and Sausage as of late and enjoy how chef Joey Allette has kicked up the menu with his fresh take, and of course always into a good scotch or whiskey. But as we reported a few weeks past, the front of Scotch and Sausage has been converted into S&S Tequileria, preparing some tasty tacos and serving up, of course heady tequila cocktails. The cocktails were of particular interest due to their unusual flavor combinations, and lack of that cloying sweetness that so many margaritas seem to take on. These are instead smooth, creamy and extremely well balanced. To find out more we went to the source, barmen Jesse Powell.

Before working at Scotch and Sausage, and Powell has been with the restaurant from the very beginning, he was working at an Addison sports bar. Prior to working in Dallas he had been in Wichita Falls. We chatted up Powell to find out more of his background and the thought behind some of these delicious drinks he is now serving up at S&S.   

How did you get into the bartending gig?

I was living in Wichita Falls and worked my way through college bartending, but it really wasn’t until I moved to Dallas where I started to do my own research and experimenting with spirits and drink modifiers.

Are you a mixology guy?

I really do not like that term personally. I just do what I do and love it. I am not into titles, and actually would do this for free if I had to.


I noticed that all of your drinks have this sense of balance to them.

It was a long process to get to that point, but I feel my palate is now developed to where I can do that with any of my recipes. I have gotten to the point where I can taste with my mind and the ratios come naturally.

What was the worst drink you ever made?

Ohhh, maybe a vodka soda?

What is your best drink?

Probably the 400 Rabbit or the Luchedor that is on our menu now.  I like my drinks to have different levels, and layers of flavors that might be unexpected.


What are a few of your favorite tequilas?

There are so many I enjoy, but probably would go with the Blue Nectar Reserve. The 123 Tequilas (Uno, Dos, Tres) are probably some of the best out there.

Tell us a bit about your margaritas you are making.

We have a few variations on the frozens, like a cactus juice, a coconut, raspberry, and a hidden gem that is not on the menu – a Tootsie Roll flavored margarita. I love the way chocolate and tequila pair together. Our shaken margaritas include the Mamacita which has a botanical hibiscus flavor. Our Luchedor is a spicy blueberry, jalapeno and habanero bitter margarita. Then we have Holy Mole which has flavors of mole and banana. I love playing with these flavors. We also have one called A where Agave meets avocado. It is super refreshing with the avocado and cilantro flavors.

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