Scenes From 2015 Addison Oktoberfest

DSC08996by Steven Doyle

Named one of the country’s most authentic Oktoberfest celebrations by Forbes and USA Today, Addison Oktoberfest features four days of family-oriented entertainment. German entertainers in authentic costumes perform traditional Bavarian folk dances, schuhplattling, oompah music, sing-a-longs, yodels and more. A special “Oktoberfest” Paulaner Bier is served along with several types of German sausage, sauerkraut, strudel, giant pretzels and more.

For guests who visit Munich’s famed Oktoberfest, the ticket to have is in the VIP balconies of the 14 bier tents at the festival. At Addison Oktoberfest, the massive 30,000 square foot Schloss Addison tent has a similar opportunity. Noted chef and restaurateur Richard Chamberlain will host Chamberlain’s Brau Haus, a full-service restaurant overlooking the Addison Oktoberfest busy dance floor. 



Guests at Chamberlain’s Brau Haus will enjoy a three course tasting meal, with each course paired with a Paulaner beer.

For those wishing to meander the festival grounds there are plenty of opportunities for dining on uniquely German items including sausages of all sorts and delectable strudels. You won’t want to miss the Yodeling Competition and Spelling Bee, or the Bier Barrel events on Saturday. The Sunday Dachshund races are a highlight for many. Watching the stubby legged pups run for the gold is a sight to be seen.

Check out the Addison Oktoberfest website for ticketing details. This event continues through Sunday at 6pm. We have the ultimate guide for 2015 on craveDFW.













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  1. Jennifer Hightower

    I loved these photos so much I dragged my family out to Addison today. WE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

  2. Laurel

    Had such a great time at this year’s Oktoberfest. Thank you guys at Crave for helping us decide what we needed to check out with your guide. Helpful as always.

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