Eat Me: Kadu at Nora

kaduby Steven Doyle

This is the time of year when everything is infused with pumpkin. From lattes to beer, nothing escapes the gourd’s perfumed treatment. Personally, I prefer my pumpkin in pie form, or one of several delicious savory versions in Dallas such as the kadu at Nora on Greenville Avenue.

Kadu is one of Nora’s signature dishes that is made from sauteed pumpkin, garlic yogurt and an optional meat sauce. I always opt. 

If you haven’t been to Nora, it is one of our hidden treasures that I always like to share with people inquiring about something new and flavorful. The Afghan menu is laden with grilled meats and specialty dishes that will please just about anyone. Check in and check out the kadu this pumpkin season.


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