Scenes From Trigger’s Toys Event

bryanby Steven Doyle

If you missed the Trigger’s Toys event last night at Henry’s Majestic you missed plenty of hijinks, cocktails and  generally a fantastic evening. But beyond a boozy good time with nearly every magnificent bartender in North Texas and beyond, you would’ve helped raise money for an extremely good cause.

The annual event that has assumed a life of its own growing larger each year started as a dream of Bryan Townsend the Vice President and Sales Director at the 86 Company, a liquor company that includes Cana Brava rum, Aylesbury Duck vodka, Ford’s gin and Tequila Cabeza. Last year, the event raised $100,000 and this year pre-event walked in with $87,000 from recent fundraisers.  With this money, Trigger‘s Toys has been able to fund therapeutic equipment, Christmas toys and construction of a courtyard at Our Children’s House, as well as ongoing needs from departments that do not have certain equipment within their budget. 

Guests were able to purchase cocktails from a variety of pop-up theme bars with the digs at Henry’s Majestic, including Chubbies (sample drinks include Frozen Mudslides and Old Fashioned Jell-O shots),  Billion $ Baby ( sample items include Cocktail Caviar, Champagne of Beers, Table-Side Mint Juleps), Liquid Courage, Studio Zoom Zoom and then TOGA bar (sample drinks include Roman Cola and Stark & Dormy).  Every dollar raised benefits Trigger‘s Toys.

Below you will see scenes from the event. It is incredible to know that we have so many bartenders in Dallas-Fort Worth who are extremely generous with their time and talents. If you missed the event but still wish to make a donation please check out Trigger’s website.

















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