Chef AQ On Her Favorite Sandwich

aqby Steven Doyle

Today is National Sandwich Day, and we will be exploring the breaded wonder all day. We begin with a chat with one of our favorite chefs, Anastacia Quinones (Chef AQ) who is currently running the kitchen at Oddfellows in Oak Cliff’s Bishop Arts District.

Chef AQ was quick to answer our call as to which sandwich was her favorite to celebrate this auspicious day: 

My favorite sammie is mine at Oddfellows, (eye roll I know). It’s a braised short rib. I cool it down then dice it and sear it hard on a flat top to order. The sandwich is topped with caramelized onions, house-made pickled jalapeno, avocado, cheddar cheese and a fried egg. I slather the toasted bun with roasted red bell pepper aioli. It’s a hot mess but soooo good. I’ve heard it cures hangovers. Not that I’ve tried yet, but it’s what I hear,” explains Chef AQ.



Honorable mention,” continues the chef, “is the turkey and provolone at Great American Hero with avocado and sprouts. They add vinegar and herbs that I crave all the time!”

We can certainly get into that as well, but was curious as to how a chef comes up with a sandwich such as Oddfellows Short Rib.

Honestly, I was just hungry one day and had all the ingredients in the kitchen. Jimmy Contreras [local wine expert and bon vivant] was having lunch and I brought him one without jalapeno or avocado and he was like, dude, why can’t I get the same love? So I put it on the menu when I added the egg.”

What does a chef pair with such a sandwich creation? “Always Topo Chico”.

So a sandwich was born.

Chef AQ tells us she has exciting things in the works. Of course, she is honing her meat skills in anticipation of winning the upcoming Meat Fight event. There will be sausage practice all weekend. And she is about to put out a new menu at Oddfellows which will include her tried and true pumpkin soup that will include grilled goat cheese.

Look for a huge party on election day at Oddfellows with many food and drink specials.

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