Stay Calm and Eat a Steak at Chamberlain’s Tonight

chamberlainby Steven Doyle

Richard Chamberlain is one of the most affable chefs around. If there was a disaster you would want to share an underground shelter with the man. Yu would be assured a calm, special dinner while you waited out whatever was afoot.

Today when everyone was buzzing about his Addison Steakhouse, Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop, thinking it had burned down the chef calmly turned to social media to set the facts straight.  

Chamberlain said on Facebook this afternoon, “Actually just a service truck that caught fire in the parking lot. WE ARE OPEN!!”

And like the good guy Chamberlain is he is having a fire sale at both of his restarants in Addison, The steakhouse and Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill. Mention the fire sale and you will receive a complimentary Molten Chocolate Cake with any entree.

We are happy that the restaurants are safe. Now it is time for  reservations.

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