Bark Chocolate Making Appearance At New York Subs

DSC06593by Steven Doyle

One of our very favorite sandwich makers is New York Subs. The owner, Andrew Kelley went to Bending Oaks (a private high school in Dallas) with chocolate maker, Katy Priore. For a cool back story on Katy, click here.

This coming weekend Katy is setting up shop at New York Subs, which is located at 3411 Asbury across from SMU.  There she will be offering a whole host of chocolate confections including her fun bark which is laden with an assortment of flavors such as her Gummy Love (think chocolate and gummy bears), Beary White (white chocolate and gummies), Campfire Crunch (semi-sweet dark with marshmallows and Cinnamon Toast Crunch) and more.


The lollipops she makes are all new and super fun and colorful.

Katy will set up Saturday and Sunday (April 28+29) from 11am to 2pm. You will be able to grab a great sandwich and a load of chocolate to make your long weekend even more sweet.

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