Chef Kenny Mills Tagged To Open Cooper’s Meat Market in Sylvan Thirty

coopersby Steven Doyle

Fresh off the heels of successfully selling his burger venture, Kenny Mill’s Chop House Burger in Arlington, the chef is back in his saddle again. This time as chef in Sylvan Thirty, and of course it involves copious amounts of meat.

Cooper’s Meat Market of San Antonio is staking claim in Sylvan Thirty and will be located next to Cox Farms Market. Chef Mills tells us today that he expects to open in time for the holiday season near the end of October or first of November. 

Expect a 70-seat steakhouse with a full bar and a butcher shop. For the curious there will be a glass encased meat cutting room to show off the beefy wonders. Look for 3,100 square feet inside, but the butcher shop will also deliver and cater.

Mills is the bodacious personality that has worked a slew of top restaurants, starting his career in 1975. Beef is a large part of his background, so we expect fantastic things from this exceptional chef at a well respected brand such as Cooper’s.

Welcome back to Dallas chef Kenny Mills. More details as the story unfolds.

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