We Dig The Dugg Burger

DSC07191by Steven Doyle

Burgermania continues to thrive in Dallas as more restaurants open that feature burgers and more burgers.The latest we tried is one called Dugg Burger which the original location on Garland Road in Casa Linda and a second outpost on Park and Preston. What makes the Dugg Burger unique is not only the process, but the high quality ingredients and the simple pricing scheme.

First for the process. It is a bit unusual, but definitely what makes the Dugg unique. The moment you walk in the door they fire a burger patty. They already know you will have a burger because that is all they serve. Then they take a fresh Village Baking Company bun (our favorite) and hollow out the top inside with a patented auger. Never fear, nothing is wasted, and they use the cored bun portion to make bread pudding. That comes later. The bun is then buttered and set on another special tool they had created to fire the augured portion of the bun so the inside gets fully browned and crisp.  


Then we move on to those quality ingredients. There are a sampling of cheeses including American, cheddar, pepper Jack and Swiss. Then there are a dozen more items to choose from including lettuce, grape tomatoes, several sauces including their own Dugg sauce (think secret sauce but better), dark sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, crispy onion strings, roasted jalapenos and bacon. We enjoyed the fact they rate the spice level of the jalapeno on a daily basis and list it in the case in front of the ingredients. The same person tastes the jalapenos and gives the a heat-level rating on a daily basis. Jalapenos can be unpredictable, and this gives you an idea of what you are getting yourself into.

There is a Lucky 13 ingredient which changes daily, and can come from ideas submitted by guests of Dugg. The day we were at the restaurant Lucky 13 was a corn relish.



The pricing is pretty simple. The burger solo is seven ninety-five. That includes anything and everything you add inside the hole. For a burger, fries and a soft drink it is eleven fifty, and if you prefer beer or wine it is thirteen. Note that all beer is local bottles, all from the immediate Dallas area.

The burger itself is super delicious, and well worth a trip from anywhere in Dallas. I spoke with one of the restaurant partners and he said that there are plans for many more Dugg locations. Also note that one of the partners plays burger spirit guide as you walk in the door to personally explain the concept. This is fantastic because if you ever have difficulties, you have someone with full authority to make you happy. And they will make you happy.

DSC07198Watching the warm caramel ooze on top of the bread pudding is fun

Don’t forget to order the bread pudding which they keep warm until you are ready for a taste.

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  1. Casa Linda really needed someplace good to eat! Want to try this …

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