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Fogo De Ch+úo - Addison (Dallas) -- 00059by Steven Doyle

Perhaps you have been to a churrascaria or a Brazilian steakhouse and sampled the flurry of meats that are served by the gauchos. If you have chances are you have been to Fogo de Chao, which started with nine locations in Brazil before expanding to the United States, with Dallas as its first domestic location.       

dsc00423Check out the full bar serving killer craft cocktails

If you haven’t been perhaps we should explain the layout. You are seated in the cavernous restaurant then at your leisure make your way to salad bar. If you are like us you are not a fan of salad bars as a general rule, but this bar is brimming with some fairly spectacular selections including cured meats, excellent cheeses, smoked salmon and plenty of great salad bar regulars.

After loading up on roughage your salad plate is replaced and you turn your small red card placed on the table over to the green side. This means go in any language, especially in Brazil.  The trained gauchos begin their meat wave slicing off chunks of one of over a dozen varieties of meat including filet mignon, marinated sirloin, sausages, lamb chops and so much more.


The meat parade is over-the-top and will continue until you cry out for mercy by flipping your green card to its red side.

Living in Dallas there is a better than average chances you have tried one of several different churrascaris in town. We certainly have and always wondered how they could possibly feed so many people so quickly. We peeked behind the scenes to find out.

The meats are placed on the giant skewers and then roasted in a long molten-hot grill that is tended by the gauchos themselves. These aren’t just pretty boys wielding swords, most have been trained in Brazil for many years and have perfected the craft.

Fogo De Ch+úo - Addison (Dallas) -- 00014

Next time you need a meat fix Fogo has the beef. And the lamb.

Fogo de Chao | 2619 McKinney Ave| 214. 720.2777

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