Taqueria Cristina Surprises The Hell Out Of Me

by Steven Doyle

I had to stop in Taqueria Cristina this week if for no other reason than to sample their black bean dip served with the complimentary chips and salsa. The chips are forgettable, but they are more than redeemed once you sample the very spicy and very smoky salsa; but oh that black bean dip. It is not thick or chunky, but instead smooth and velvety with a huge power punch of flavor.   

While I might stop in Cristina for that bean dip, I stay for the on-the-cheap tacos, which are only 99 cents. A true bargain for a nice, sit down restaurant that claims to be a taqueria. Shouldn’t they be seedier and in gas stations, and burned out buildings? Although the shopping center where Cristina resides is a bit lackluster, it is far from a war zone.

The tacos at Cristina are really good. Eat them. Eat them all. Then you may wish to try some of the more authentic seafood items up for grabs such as their Cocktel Compechano which is plump full of shrimp, octopus, pico de gallo and slices of ripe avocado.  There are a slew of ceviche selections at great prices and start at $6.99.

The Chile Rellenos are also amazing here and shouldn’t be missed. Light and crisp, with an egg bath that isn’t soggy and relents to the flavor of the chile that has a perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors.

Cristina also features gringo seafood such as fried catfish and shrimp, also at great taqueria-style prices.

While on the visit I also enjoyed a gordita, which I have been selling as the next taco. There are all the usual suspects to fill the little sandwich with, but I chose the mole con arroz, which is nothing more than rice with mole sauce. Superb, and makes for a great appetizer.

Cristina features a full bar and is open late nights , until 3am on the weekends where you will often hear the strums of waltzing mariachis. Check out the weekday specials including 25 cent Gulf oysters on Tuesday.

Taqueria Cristina
10909 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas
(214) 358-0015


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2 responses to “Taqueria Cristina Surprises The Hell Out Of Me

  1. Thanks! That sounds awesome. One of those places that I’ve driven by but haven’t been willing to go all in. Thanks for vetting it for us.

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