The Unlimited Stone Crab Feast At Trulucks Worth It’s Weight In Crab

trulucks.jpgby Steven Doyle

Crab season, specifically stone crab season, is like Christmas around the Crave Offices. Stone Crab is food of the gods. And the best catch is at Truluck’s. This is what they do well.

The Stone Crab is extremely sustainable, and the fisherman only take one claw which is detachable. The crab quickly grows a new one. Those claws pack a mean punch too, able to crush up to 19,000 pounds per square inch.  Stone Crab are prolific too, laying up to a million eggs at a time.

Ever wonder which crab you are dining on during soft shell season? You guessed it, the Stone Crab. They molt their hard-shell exterior but quickly grow them back.

These marvelous wonders of the sea is found predominantly in the coastal waters of Florida, and this is where Truluck’s has their fisheries which work exclusively to find the best Stone Crabs on the planet.

All this love for the Stone Crab leads up to tell you about Monday’s at Truluck’s where you will enjoy as much of the crab as you can possibly muster (oh, the mustard sauce is best with Stone Crab).  These crabs are always flow freshly and directly from the docks to the kitchen door of Truluck’s, and to your plate. For a mere $79 you may enjoy as many of these crabs as you wish. And I can wish quite a few.

truluck cake.jpg

There are only 12 more Monday’s left to make plans for the crab feast. The Stone Crab season sadly ends May 15th. And you will want to order their amazing chocolate cake after all those delight crabs, so save just a little room.


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    When does it begin for 2019?

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