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Hidden Thai Delights Found at Buddhist Center of Dallas

thai6by Steven Doyle

When asked where the most authentic Thai food in Dallas can be found I am taken back. There are so many fantastic Thai restaurants in Dallas and Fort Worth, and many have super authentic dishes available if you are in the know, or simply ask. However, for a taste of Thailand, and an experience that is truly unforgettable, reach out to the local Buddhist Temple located at 8484 Stults which is off Forest Lane near Central Expressway.   

Beginning each Sunday at 10:30am the monks of the Temple begin to chant, and then food is offered. Throughout the early day you will be able to visit with the various families who have set up behind the temple and purchase at a very nominal price a whole host of authentic.

Look for delicious fish cakes, spicy papaya salads, sticky rice in banana leaves, curries served numerous ways, tapioca balls, basil pork, Thai soups, and so very much more. All these may be consumed on premises or taken home to enjoy. And enjoy you will.

While on the premises, be sure to take the family in to visit the temple which is open to the public. Shoes are not allowed in the temple. You will want to take in the beautiful and intensely detailed art that encompasses the walls. A perfect spot for meditation and cleansing.

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