Tacos and Tequila Tour April 14

20110424-tacos-morelos - 11by Steven Doyle

I rarely ever talk about personal business on craveDFW but I want to share a little story that, to me, is a bit fun and involves history.

Eight years ago I had an idea that was born from my weekly habit of taking friends around Dallas for mini food tours. We would start about noon and bounce around town sampling various dishes that I thought were relevant that week. These were always fun and involved simple bites shared at maybe four or five hot spots around town.

Then one day it hit me. I invited about twenty friends and colleagues aboard a bus, a short renovated and crazified school bus that had bad shocks, a stripper pole and cartoon characters slathered on every square inch of the exterior. The destination was tacos. We hit a handful of taco spots around Dallas, drinking our BYOB beer and tequila and had a terrific time.


This led to a handful of tours such as a pizza and even a best burger tour. It was so much fun that I decided to do this as a sideline business. Since then I ran 1000’s of tours that involved all sorts of cuisine. This ran its course and I stopped the tours.

Itching to restart this business I have partnered with RVC Promotions, who is taking care of the business end of the details to start running the tours once again. Our inaugural tour begins where it all started, tacos and tequila. And beer.

Join this very special tour April 14th where I will be leading not one but two tours where we will visit some amazing taco hot spots and drinking margaritas and beer.

Check out this link for tour #1 and this link for tour #2 to secure your seats on the bus. Also, if you have a need for a tour for your club, business or special group just drop me a line and we can discuss a customized  tour. Until then, I will see you on the 14th and many more tours in the near future.


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  1. I would like to buy tickets for the Taco’s & Tequila for the 4 pm to 6pm trip. The only option if the 1 pm trip. How do I distinguish online when purchasing? Bests,

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