Sake Bomb World Record Set by Frisco’s Sushi Marquee

DSC02971by Steven Doyle

Sake bombs are these cool shots comprised of sake and beer. To create the bomb you hover a shot glass of sake above a small portion of beer with the assistance of chopsticks. Slam the table and the sake erupts into the beer for a moment of joy as you slam the liquids and scream “bonzai”. Seems simple enough, that is until you wish to do this with 239 friends simultaneously. 

This is precisely what happened Sunday, April 8th approximately at 1pm in Frisco in the snazzy nearly new sushi complex called Sushi Marquee. In the last minutes leading up to the world record attempt, which was previously set at 223 sake bombs, staff and friends of Sushi Marquee were out recruiting the last few revelers to participate.

The clock was ticking as the moment arrived and it was official, there were 240 happy sake bombers at play and the countdown commenced. Bonzai!


The record is unofficial as Guinness no longer participates in alcohol related world record attempts for a bit of irony considering Guinness makes a pretty fine beer themselves.

For now the sake bomb record stands at 240. Visit Sushi Marquee at The Star in Frisco for your own sake bomb fun and games.

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