Taste Addison Giving Away Texas Wine Head

32602556_10204228013498430_9053973407099518976_n.jpgby Steven Doyle

Taste Addison is this weekend, May 18-20, and there will be plenty to celebrate. Food, music and revelry to the maximum for friends, couples and families alike this fun event never disappoints.

We have an extra special way to celebrate the fun, we have more tickets to give away plus this beautiful wine head (lid or top to the casual non-winemaker). It is a fun bit of Texas etched into the barrel head.

Check out the schedule of events, make plans to attend, and make a comment below to possibly be selected at random, to win. We are ALSO asking you share.  Note that this will be available as a prize to be picked up in person at Taste Addison -only. So if you are not able to make the event, no need to enter. As an added bonus we will throw in a few tickets for entry.

Good luck! And for those interested, I will be working the Nate’s booth serving beer and crawfish for a few hours Saturday afternoon. I work for beer and crawfish.


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30 responses to “Taste Addison Giving Away Texas Wine Head

  1. I would love to win some tickets!

  2. I want to win!!

  3. Zach W

    Yes please

  4. Jeff Flansbaum

    Please pick me!!

  5. Tom Garrett


  6. Sheryl Thomas

    I REALLY WANT TO win, like REALLY badly

  7. Tanya Ellington

    Please enter me for this win. I have a place for this in the cabana by my pool!

  8. Please enter me for this event

  9. Celisse Rodriguez

    I need to win this!!! I need more wine in my life! I❤ Crave&Wine!!

  10. Gary Bruner

    I want this. I love the Taste of Addison!

  11. Jenny O

    I love this! Another reason to read Crave!

  12. Cynthia Booth

    Tell me when I win

  13. Joe P.

    Me for the win! I love and read crave dfw.

  14. Brin Carleton


  15. Thomas Hanley

    I would love to win this. How many tickets? I want to take my entire family.

  16. Carolyn Barker

    That is so cool!

  17. Tom Harbrough

    I gotta go to this

  18. Lawrence

    This weekend? I can and will be there win or lose.

  19. Steve

    Get me on the list!!!

  20. Carla Benning

    Yes please allow me to win this.

  21. Nicholas Magiera

    Sounds like fun!

  22. Gary L. Juren

    Fun for All!

  23. Sunny

    Love a food and wine party!

  24. Mo

    Pick me! Pick me!

  25. Kim P

    Pick me already!

  26. I’d love to win the tickets, BUT, I never win anything !!!

  27. Wow, I love all the comments. It’s really encouraging to the author who will hopefully WRITE MORE! Hint S… <3 Ok, now let's have them tickets. 😉

  28. Paul Wang

    Count me in! Band lineup looks great this year too!

  29. Maryuby Avalos

    MMMMmmm!!! Ready for some beer and crawfish from Nate’s!!

  30. Our winner is Jeff Patton, congratulations!

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