Fistful of Bourbon to Launch on September 1st

IMG_1643.JPGby Alex Gonzalez

Combining the arts and science behind whiskey blending, Scotland’s own Kelsey McKechnie has perfected the craft of bourbon. McKechnie, a blender at William Grant & Sons, has created Fistful of Bourbon, a 100 percent straight American whiskey consisting of five bourbons. These two-year aged bourbons when combined together pack a potent, powerful punch.

At a preview party, selected writers and influencers were invited to try a selection of Fistful of Bourbon-based cocktails at Trick Pony in Deep Ellum.

The first of the cocktails was the Fistful Smash, which contains grapefruit oleo, fresh lemon juice, and mint leaves. The Smash is a good way to prelude a night of cocktail flights, as it is strong enough to the point where it is not lacking boozy flavor, however, light enough to where one can still taste the satisfyingly sweet and bitter combination of grapefruit and lemon flavorings.



The second cocktail of the night was the Fistful Old Fashioned, which is Fistful’s take on the classic beverage. Fistful’s Old Fashion consists of Fistful of Bourbon, simple syrup, and Angostura bitters. This drink is heavy on boozy flavor, but the syrup makes for a sweet aftertaste. I highly recommend having a glass of water nearby to drink from in between sips of the Old Fashioned.

The final cocktail of the night was the Fistful of Bourbon Buck, which is Fistful’s take on the mule. The Buck consists of Fistful of Bourbon, grapefruit oleo, lime juice, and ginger beer. This cocktail was probably the tamest of the three and perhaps the best way to end the night. Mules are always a safe bet, and the Buck was no different. The ginger beer was bitter, gritty, and bubbly, adding an authentic feel to the cocktail.

Fistful of Bourbon will make its debut in Texas on September 1, available for purchase at most liquor stores. Fistful of Bourbon cocktails will also be available for purchase at Trick Pony and Harlowe MXM.

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