The Best Peking Duck in Dallas

peking1by Steven Doyle

Peking Duck is one of life’s greatest dining pleasures. Made properly the duck is a long process where short cuts will create more of a disaster than a delectable dish. Mr Wok in Plano understands a good Peking Duck and requires a reservation to order one.

The duck arrives golden, crispy and juicy. The fat has been rendered leaving moistened meat that is carved table-side. The meat is removed from the carcass, the skin removed from the meat. The presentation is quite breathtaking. 

What you are left with is juicy meat, crispy skin, a stack of pancakes, Spring onions and hoisin sauce for good measure. You are then left to your own devices to create your own “tacos” and dine to your hearts content.


The duck is served with duck soup or stir fried duck bones, which is actually much more appetizing than it sounds.

Be sure to call ahead and reserve your duck. They do prepare a few extras for those who stumble in unaware, but why leave things to chance? The whole duck will set you back $35, but it is worth every dime. And then some. BYOB.

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  1. Nikki Bee

    Yes the best by far I ate here on a daily basis when I worked 2 mins away from them. Great staff extremely friendly and informative.

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