High Fives is Keeping the Dive Bar Alive

high-fives-dallas-da1215.jpgby Alex Gonzalez

High Fives on Henderson is keeping the dive bar alive. It is a hub of nostalgia for lovers of 90s culture, which mixes in modern elements. High Fives’ menu offers aptly named 90s-themed beverages, craft tater tots, and stacked sandwiches.




The Duck Tails is the most fun cocktail on the menu. It consists of Stoli Raspberi, Peach, and Blueberi vodkas, Sprite, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, and topped with two mini rubber duckies. It comes served in a ceramic glass modeled after a red Solo cup. It is a sweet, fruity, and refreshing cocktail; heavy on berry flavor, light on booze.

Equally as good is the Sex and Candy, which consists of vodka, strawberry purée, and comes garnished with a stick of rock candy.

IMG_3499 (1).JPGTots
While the chili cheese tots were satisfying, the beans in the chili somewhat took away from the spice. Perhaps in the future, one should order the parmesan and truffle oil tots



High Fives is known for their Sunday Sandwich, and upon first bite, it is immediately clear why. The chicken breast is breaded to a crunchy, crispy delight, with a secure coating that won’t slip off when cut or bitten. It is served on a Hawaiian bun, which adds a soft, sweet, pillowy goodness to the sandwich.

For a lighter option, order the Left Coaster, which consists of roasted herb turkey, avocado, tomato, bacon, cucumber, and lemon aioli. The Left Coaster is served on multigrain bread, and  does not skimp on the meat.

Atmosphere / Games
High Fives has a nice, nostalgic ambience.  It is divey, informal, and a fun place to spend time with friends. Apart from libations, High Fives has fun bar games like corn hole available for play, plus multiple large screen TVs throughout; perfect for watching the Cowboys games.

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