Eat Me: Black Forest Cake at The Swiss Pastry Shop

black-forestby Steven Doyle

For the uninitiated, there is something going on at The Swiss Pastry Shop  in Fort Worth you might want to know about. They make this insanely good Black Forest Cake that is the mainstay of the business. Entire countries would fall should they stop making this thing. It is so good that they build them in a myriad of sizes from a slice to six steps up to a full sheet pan full of Black Forest goodness.   

Hans Peter Muller operates the 45-year-old bakery, but he has other interests that you will discover once you arrive. Muller is the Bob’s Burger of Fort Worth. If you follow him on social media he will let you know what sort of concoction he comes up with each day. Be assured it will blow your mind and put you on auto-pilot towards his shop.


Consider his latest burgers as works of art lovingly portrayed on a plate with extra high-end ingredients which involves days of preparation.


He also has a hand in creating his own corned beef (boneless Niman Ranch beef rib spiced up with Szechuan peppercorn, garlic, ginger and Chinese 5 Spice) served with kimchee slaw on Tiger bread baked in house. This went on to become part of his special Reuben.


But wait, we are praising the Black Forest Cake, right? We didn’t start this to discuss the best Philly Cheesesteak in the country (Pecan Smoked NY Strip steak, Caramelized Onions, and Queso Blanco). Seriously, though it is supreme.

The Swiss Pastry Shop’s Black Forest Cake makes up more than a third of Muller’s business. During the holidays you need to get on a list early or Muller will Soup Nazi you. “No cake for you!”

Here it is: Layers of angelic baked meringue doubled over with freshly whipped cream and heavy laden with dark chocolate shavings and sprinkles. Put your orders in early for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even if you are not hosting a dinner party, an entire sheet of this cake will go quickly. Grab a burger or two while you are there.

Swiss Pastry Shop | 3936 W Vickery Blvd | Fort Worth | 817.732.5661

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