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IMG_3723.JPGby Alex Gonzalez

Deep Ellum’s best new bar is back with another hit. Hide, which has previously only been open on weeknights and weekends after 5:00 p.m., rolled out their new brunch menu this past weekend. The new brunch menu consists of traditional offerings, like mimosas and waffles, as well as signature creations. Hide never does anything simple or basic, and their brunch is no exception.


The Lucky Mofo is probably the closest one can get to a cup of coffee at Hide. It is a frozen cocktail consisting of cold brew coffee, Irish whiskey, and cream. The Lucky Mofo is thick to the sip, with touches of milky, chocolate flavor.

For all of the essential oil enthusiasts, the Rosé All Day is the one to try. This cocktail has one of the most calming smells you’ll find in a blended alcoholic beverage. With hints of lavender, rose hips, grapefruit, and gin, this rosé blend is enough to align your chakras and help you loosen up.


Those wanting something light on booze flavor should opt for the Gin and Juice, it is fruity, fizzy, and refreshing, and its name is totally on brand with the 90’s rap music that plays throughout the bar.


Brunchers at Hide can choose from a variety of small plates with which to start, but perhaps the most intriguing is the fig toast. The fig toast is a plate of four slices of toast with a herb goat cheese spread, nicely complemented with wine poached figs and topped with slices of prosciutto. The figs make for a nice marmalade and pair well with the cheese. The prosciutto adds a nice, spicy kick.


You can get chicken and waffles at pretty much any brunch spot in town, but until you’ve tried Hide’s, you are missing out. Hide’s waffles are made out of cornmeal, which gives the waffles a warm, cake-y texture. The chicken strips are crispy, and coated with a sweet, spicy breading. The best way to order the chicken and waffles is with the jalapeño-infused syrup on the side.

For those wanting something more traditional, the benedict is the closest thing you’ll get to traditional at Hide. Hide’s version of eggs benedict consists of two slices of sourdough toast, Canadian bacon, sunny side up eggs, and a sweet hollandaise sauce. On the side is the tater tot hash, which contains roasted red peppers and grilled onions. The tater tot hash is warm, and crispy, not mushy, like at other restaurants.


Hide has the set up of a dive bar, but with modern furniture and decor. It is very artsy and fits right in with the Deep Ellum neighborhood. The team is incredibly friendly and helpful when answering customer questions, and everyone behind the bar seems to enjoy working.

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