Picasso’s Pizza and Grill

pic3by Steven Doyle

Picasso’s Pizza and Grill is this sweet neighborhood Italian eatery that now dots our Dallas landscape. You will find the original location (moved about a block to newer digs) in Lake Highlands, plus several more locations including North Dallas, Preston Hollow and very soon in Southlake.

The pizza and pastas are sturdy with rich red sauces, fresh ingredients and a large selection that would please nearly every hungry soul. On a recent visit we found a restaurateur that dines there several times a week. The regulars are fiercely loyal and for good cause. The prices are comfortable, the dining room is broken up into smaller manageable rooms as to give families their own space, and couples theirs. The bar is also nearly sealed off giving it its own cozy feel. 


The food is actually outrageous, served in large plates that afford the kitchen to lay out portions that make for two and even three meals. I witnessed a few tackle the large pasta entrees, but not for this writer. I ate Chicken Piccata for several days. Fair deal at 15.99. The plate was served with a mound of sauced angel hair, with peppers, spinach, onions, mushrooms and a host of capers along with a duo of chicken breasts. It is like they are challenging me.

I had to bring friends with large appetites to order items such as the Picasso Trio which is loaded with Lasagna, Fettucine Alfredo and Chicken Parmesan, all crowd favorites. Everything tastes divine. It helped that we were all wanting Italian.



The Bolognese was rich and meaty, pleasing us all. The Shrimp Scampi is also a favorite with plump shrimp sauced mightily in white wine and butter with plenty of shallots and fresh garlic.

You will also find steaks, chops grilled and sauteed fish dishes and more. Even a burger for the finicky friend who shies away from garlic and tomatoes.

The mainstay for Picasso’s is definitely the pizza and calzone business and they do this very well. With a choice of a variety of crusts they have specialty pies laid out for you on the menu, or create your own fantasy pie. Name it after yourself even, it will surely be delicious.


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