Be A Little Piggy At North Main Barbecue

nmb1by Steven Doyle

In the land of buffets we tend to stay clear, but there is one super hot spot you will wish to sample everything – and in abundance.  BBQ can be difficult to monitor unless you have a steady stream of guests filing through, often waiting for the next slice of brisket to fall of onto the line, or a rack of ribs to be hacked into submission. North Main Barbecue stays very busy and for good reason, they have decent BBQ.


What started by Hubert Green and family in 1981 as a garage selling a little BBQ on the side grew into a full scale buffet-style restaurant offering beef brisket (chopped or sliced), sausage, pork shoulder, and pork ribs, and chicken. All you care to devour for $17, which in today’s market is quite the bargain.

The brisket can differ, as at any restaurant serving smoked meats, but the stalwart are the ribs.  The ribs have won national awards and continue to draw attention as herds of guests file in three days a week, Friday through Sunday when the restaurant is open, and clear the house out of what they do best.



The smoked chicken is always moist and tender with a good amount of smokiness, and the sausage is quite excellent as well.

We suggest when you have a hunger that only a pile of meat can cure that you check out North Main BBQ at their original digs in Euless.

North Main Barbecue | 406 North Main, Euless | 817.267.8101

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