Free Pizza From GAPCO


The last day of school for Dallas Independent School District falls on Wednesday, May 29th (today), which means that thousands of kids will be pouring out of schools looking for something fun to do. Parents with school-age children already know this. But what they probably don’t know is that Dallas’s favorite pizza joint is celebrating the last day of school–and the unofficial start to summer–by offering FREE pizza to straight A students.

That’s right, May 29 through June 2, parents can bring their grade Kindergarten-5th grade kids to Greenville Avenue Pizza Company’s Peavy Road location with report cards in hand. Anyone who received straight As will get a free slice of one-topping pizza. It’s a simple and delicious way for parents to honor their hard-working children. And, let’s be honest: it’s also a great excuse for the family to get together for some pizza.

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