Italian-ish Eatery Opens Maximalist Bar Charles


On Tuesday, December 10, Design District Italian nightly eatery, The Charles, will open its private dining and cocktail and champagne bar aptly named, Bar Charles. The 1,700 square foot space is nestled on the backside of the authentic restaurant – with entry through the back alleyway.

“I would describe Bar Charles as turned up,” said Chas Martin, The Charles owner and natural-born host. “Everything from the design to the music, to the champagne selection is maximized. This new space is truly a feast for the senses,” added Martin.

The cocktail and champagne bar seats eight at the bar, and approximately 45 at seven different seating areas throughout the space. Each night, Bar Charles will open at 4:00pm and serve guests a carefully curated list of world-class champagne at a fair price point, alongside an authentic bar menu, consisting of finger-foods like Pork Rinds, Royal Osetra Caviar and Octopus Tempura with a Calabrian Chili Aioli. Guests can access a wine list of Italian gems with some highlights from Burgundy and Napa.

“We’ve known we needed a space like Bar Charles since opening The Charles 18 months ago because we’re full every night of the week,” said Chas Martin. “Now our guests will have a place to have a drink while waiting for their table, or a fun bar with a high-energy atmosphere to have a drink.”

Bar Charles, designed by brothers Corbin and Ross See of Sees Design, features Italian inspired design with a little irreverence. The lounge features six to seven different types of tile, floral prints, plush velvet chairs and booths and a custom printed mural on the ceiling inspired by Italian frescos, outlined in pink neon lighting. It’s a testament to maximalism. And, just like The Charles, the bathrooms at Bar Charles are worthy of an Instagram selfie but this time are more personal.

Pop-in for a drink or linger after an Italian-ish dinner at Bar Charles, located at 1632 Market Center Boulevard in Dallas, from 4:00pm to “whenever.” For more information about Bar Charles or to make a reservation at The Charles, visit

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