goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House pivots to new name and menu – Good Citizen

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goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House located at 1154 Peavy Rd. has pivoted to a new name, menu and essentially opens a new restaurant, Good Citizen, with lower prices and different menu for take-out and delivery.

Co-owner Matt Tobin says, “These are trying times people…trying times indeed.  In order to never forget our duty to each other during this unprecedented moment, we have changed our name to reflect what we ALL need to be to each other.”

According to Tobin, being a Good Citizen means being civil and kind. It means taking care of yourself so that you may be available to take care of others.

He says, “Rest assured friends, we are not going anywhere.  In an attempt to preserve our way of doing business and get back to the warm fuzzy feelings of community that we miss already, we have shifted the gears of commerce that we have available to us and made some changes.” The new menu is different to account for the changed financial times.

It is still everything you have come to expect from the goodfriend guys but maybe a little more straight-forward and “on the nose”. They have also adjusted their pricing.

Through this site: Good Citizen guests can order, pay and set up their delivery address.  Good Citizen will deliver the food and notify guests with a text message.

Tobin continues, “We greatly appreciate your business and hope to be able to continue to serve you for a very long time.  Community is our passion and we DO miss it.”

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  1. Herman Guerra

    No matter what way you cut it, Good Friend/ Citizen is a staple of East Dallas. Lots of what you see now, they initiated. My family are big fans of the restaurant and the Good Friend family. Let’s keep these guys busy!

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