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4066081-1_5-7bbd22d0301d4e08afdc46838ce1a73e.jpgBy Steven Doyle


We have maintained CraveDFW for quite a few years now, and have enjoyed serving the Dallas restaurant community on a small budget. We have written thousands of articles with millions of views. Many of the articles I have written myself, but we have encouraged the community to publish articles as well. We particularly love it when a chef, a bartender, a winemaker or another expert shares their expertise, and we have actively promoted those articles.

We have also written hundreds of chef interviews over the years, as well as hosted CraveRadio (blast). We also enjoy entertainment stories, from the opera to galleries, to circus side-shows. We once described Crave as a date night. Anything your date might enjoy we write about.

The true reason I reach out today is obviously virus related. Good news has slowed, and we are all about the good news of the community at large. Through the rubble we still see amazing things happening, and the cream always rises to the top. Restaurants helping the needy, feeding out of work people inside the restaurant industry and out. All the while desperately trying to hold their businesses together. There will be fall out after the crises has sub-sided, but others will work it out victoriously – and stronger for having weathered out this very temporary storm. We pray this is the case for all our restaurants.

Chefs have become the new super hero of our era, and we are pleased to work alongside the tireless people who cater to our needs. This is why we are advocates for the industry, and will remain so for many years to come.

During this time we may promote restaurants that ask which may seem commercial. I can assure you we will not take a dime during this period. We never have accepted articles for pay, and never will. We do take ads that keep us going. What we will do is askĀ  if you have something, most anything you wish to promote, we will run it if presented in a way of interest. Our audience is vast and loyal and will enjoy reading this.

We will also take interviews that promote staff and businesses. That may be a chef interview, a bartender or a business. We may chat with a furloughed employee, or one that has temporally been re-purposed. There are stories to be told, and we will bring them to you.

If you wish to tell a story, or have us tell your story, simply jot me a note at steven@cravedfw.com. As long as people read, we will continue. We will prevail.

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