What Do We Know About Gordon Ramsay’s New Series, Next Level Chef?

It was recently announced that Gordon Ramsay will be hosting a brand-new cooking show on https://www.fox.com/. The series is called Next Level Chef, and it will see Ramsay accompanied by a couple of other famous chefs. The 54-year-old is one of the most famous faces on TV in the USA, thanks to his work on a number of other hugely popular shows. There is no doubt that this new offering will attract a high number of viewers. But can it beat the success of Hell’s Kitchen?

New Series Set to Air on the Fox Network

Ramsay is one of the most prolific television chefs of all time, and he has appeared on TV in the USA for more than 15 years. Because he has been such an incredible draw for Fox, the network decided to give him another show with a slightly different premise.

According to https://www.siasat.com/, Next Level Chef will be hosted by Ramsay, who will be accompanied by Gino D’Acampo and Nyesha Arrington. The program will follow these celebrity chefs as they mentor a group of some of the country’s most talented young cooks. The overall aim of the show is to crown one of these starlets as the next superstar of the television cuisine scene.

The concept of the new show is something that is likely to excite viewers. This is an idea that’s never been done before. Ramsey has designed a gauntlet that takes place within a three-story tower. Each level has a different kitchen containing a number of unique challenges. The ingredients found in each location will be designed to match that environment. For instance, the first level will be the basement, so the food on offer there is likely to be widely different from what’s available on the top floor.

Hard to Beat Hell’s Kitchen

While this is a thrilling idea, it will be hard for the new show to top Hell’s Kitchen. The show in which Ramsay has starred since 2005 has become so much more than just a cook-off. Indeed, the brand has turned into a huge franchise and has spilled out into other media.

For example, there is Hell’s Kitchen: The Game from https://www.ludia.com/, which gives players the sense they are actually competing on the show. There is also the Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen slot that can be found at https://ca.fruitkings.com/. It is one of the top games on offer and is advertised on the front page of the site. Another related option is Hell’s Kitchen: Match & Design from https://www.qiiwi.com/, which is an exciting mobile app. For the new series to catch up with Hell’s Kitchen, it too will need some cross-platform promotion.

It is certainly exciting to think that Ramsay will appear in another series in the USA, with some other well-regarded chefs at his side. The new show has a compelling premise, and it will be different from everything that already exists. However, it will need to establish itself and run for a number of years if it is to have any chance of becoming more popular than Hell’s Kitchen. The long-running series is a mammoth of a franchise and is known all over the world.

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