Nate’s Seafood and Steakhouse Celebrating 30+ Years

nates6.jpgby Steven Doyle

Nathan Peck, owner of Nate’s Seafood and Steakhouse in Addison, opened his doors in 1988 after working in Houston haunts such as including Landry’s Seafood, Willie G’s and the Magnolia Bar and Grill. Known by many as Seafood Nate, this chef owner is of proud tradition and considers fare as authentic as we might find it in landlocked Dallas.

With a proud Cajun heritage, Nate offers great food at fair prices, and has even been known to say, “If It Ain’t Good, Don’t Pay… But Don’t Ask For Seconds!’”. Well, that may be just a sign at the restaurant, but it is words the chef lives by. It is likely that very few over the past 30-plus years have taken Nate up on this as Nate’s Seafood and Steakhouse is pretty spectacular in its own right and has become somewhat a legend.


Known as having some of the best crawfish in the Dallas area Nate’s celebrates the mudbug season with high standards. You will find the largest, and certainly very spicy bugs at Nate’s. he recently told us we had to wait a few weeks for the very best, blaming the cold weather down south as the reason. The crawfish get a little skittish in cold weather. I offer to them that we have warm kettles of spicy broth waiting in Dallas for the perfect boil.

You will want to order your crawfish extra spicy with a layer of Nate’s turbo for an exta kick. But that is not where it stops. The Crab Combo includes a half pound of king Crab, a half of Snow, a half of Dungeness, plus all the accoutrements such as corn, potatoes and sausage. Go big with the Bourbon Street Combo which allows for seven pounds of crawfish, two pounds snow, shrimp, corn and potatoes. Your spice level may be requested, plus there are several sauces to choose from.


Oysters are big at Nate’s. Look for Gulf’s to be served on the half shell, chargrilled, or gussied up in several fashions.

There are always plenty of fish specials available but you may always find Redfish, Seabass and Catfish on the menu served Pontchartrain with brown butter wine sauce, lump crab and mushrooms, St Charles with its shrimp scallops and mushrooms, Atchafalaya with scallops, shrimp, mushrooms and lump crab along with a Creole butter sauce, and an endless array of other methods and sauces.


Of course Nate’s serves an array of Po Boys, Burgers, Gumbo and Tacos even, along with steaks and pasta.  Everything is served with his garlic buttery bread and hushpuppies.

Don’t forget his legendary Bread Pudding.

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