A Few Of Our Favorite Eggs In Dallas

eggby Steven Doyle

There has been this terrific trend in past years of adding an egg to most anything to make a more supple and delicious. The burger is a prime target for this unabashed egging, and always a welcome garnish on any style of tartare. The egg, if prepared correctly, provides a silky self-saucing thrill that ups the ante to sandwiches, pasta and salads. Eggs are not just for breakfast.

Today we explore a handful of primo examples of how the egg has enhanced many dishes in the Dallas area.   

boulevardierLegs and Eggs is only part of the bountiful brunch at Boulevardier that consists of duck confit, duck eggs, Homestead grit cake, and huckleberries.

stodgNothing is as sexy as the hangover relief plate found at the Porch on Henderson as the Stodg Burger. Named for local attorney Steve Stodghill, who always attacked everything with excitement, including his burgers. Get this: beef patty, bacon, aged cheddar, and egg over easy gorged between a foie buttered bun.

l.jpgSnooze has taken Texas by storm with dishes  such as their breakfast pot pie made with rosemary sausage gravy smothers a flaky puff pastry, topped with an egg

EDSC00089Gemma has a luscious appetizer of roasted baby artichoke hearts served with wild arugula and a poached egg. It is nearly too beholding to eat.

o (1)The Crafty Irishman gives a glimpse into a culture that is cherished for great whiskies, beer and this devilish Scotch egg wrapped in sausage and breaded before given a deep fried treatment.

allgoodSteak and eggs is total Americana. Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs is total Texan. Grab a plate at Allgood Cafe.

DSC05211.JPGWe all know of the amazing smoked sausages at Kuby’s, but often overlook the smoked chops that are available for dine-in or to cook at home.  Done well with eggs sunny up.

egg maru ramenSlurp the spicy tonkotsu ramen at Maru Ramen in Richardson for a giant flavor blast. The added lush soft eggs makes the bowl extra creamy. And dreamy.

egg mercat croque madameThe ever so lovely croque madame at Mercat Bistro will export your ideas on eggs to yet one more level.

mo taco2Breakfast could not be finer than this breakfast taco at Crush in Frisco. A reason tom  trek for an egg.  Give Mo some love.

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