Who Makes the Best Lobster Roll on National Lobster Roll Day?


TJ’s Seafood Market has conjured up the best lobster the city has ever witnessed. Huge words, right? Allow for explanation. The roll is custom, soft, eggy and buttery. TJ’s griddles the bun on the outside to golden and crispy perfection.  Then the lobster is added. A whole one and a half pound deconstructed lobster. This leaves the discussion of which parts are being used, because it’s the whole thing. Add to the roll is a tantalizing lemon thyme compound butter.

This is the Connecticut roll that owner Jon Alexis has been dreaming about in his sleep since he first learned about this version of a lobster roll. He gives credit to Neighborhood Service’s owner Nick Badovinus for the roll. Seems Nick was on a short sabbatical and  and had a similar roll. This was conveyed to Jon Alexis and that is how it found its way to the menu.

The roll is one of the pricier versions in Dallas, but you do get two fresh made sides along with fresh, never frozen lobster.  Alexis said even at his price it is a loss leader. He figures if you come for the lobster roll, you will stay for the Chardonnay, and probably take home a few pounds of shrimp.

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