The Best Fish and Chips in Dallas


Fish and chip shops were originally small family businesses, often run from the ‘front room’ of the house and were commonplace by the late 19th century Britain.

Through the latter part of the 19th century and well into the 20th century, the fish and chip trade expanded greatly to satisfy the needs of the growing industrial population of Great Britain. In fact you might say that the Industrial Revolution was fuelled partly by fish and chips.

The development of the steam trawler delivered fish from all over the North Atlantic, Iceland and Greenland and the steam railways allowed easy and fast distribution of the fish around the country.

Fish and chips became so essential to the diet of the ordinary man and woman that one shop in Bradford had to employ a doorman to control the queue at busy times during 1931. The Territorial Army prepared for battle on fish and chips provided in special catering tents erected at training camps in the 1930’s.

We get that fish and chips is a delight the Britain’s got right, but where do you find this dish in landlocked Dallas, Texas? Let’s take a look.

fish.pngNick Barclay brings Cornwall to the Dallas dining table with his Fish and Fizz which is extremely authentic replete with mushy peas and soccer clubs storming for more of his version of the Brit dish.

fish.jpgTJs Seafood Market has visually fresh seafood and owned by the best seafood advocate known to this plant, Jon Alexis. He also makes a prime example of fish and chips.

old-monk-fish-chips.jpgThe Old Monk rings true for a tasty pint and today’s obsession.

Leave it to a Crafty Irishman to deliver the goods.

o (9).jpgWe have an affinity for Holy Grail with an amazing Monte Cristo, bowl of chili and this plate if fish and chips.

sea.jpgSea Breeze in Plano floats our boat. Tender, crispy, delicious.


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