Tarrant Area Food Launches First Ever Gift Catalog; Gift Ideas that Give Back to the Community

The Tarrant Area Food Bank launches its first ever Holidays of Hope Gift Catalog.  In this new giving opportunity, the giving community has the ability to feed those in need, in honor of those they love.

The holiday season brings much uncertainty for many families as to where their next meal will come from, thus food insecurity is magnified in the Tarrant Area footprint. Inflation is combining with supply chain squeezes to dampen the purchasing power of both food banks and clients, while also spiking gas and transportation costs.

The Tarrant Area Food Bank is responding as best they can by pursuing a number of strategies, including calling upon government agencies for help, building up pathways for increased produce distribution, expanding relationships with grocer-donors, and ramping up fundraising efforts, such as the Holidays of Hope Gift Catalog.  

Gifts made through the catalog, while symbolic, will greatly support TAFB’s mission to end hunger in our community.  “Currently, we are spending more than we had budgeted for on food purchasing”, said Julie Butner, President and CEO of Tarrant Area Food Bank.  “We see this as a way that the Tarrant Area community can further help those in need during the holiday season”.

The digital catalog can be viewed at www.tafb.org/gifts .Gifts range from healthy food items such as beans, produce, and chicken to support for TAFB programs such as Community Gardens and Home Delivery. Once donation is made, the honoree will receive a special e-card to notify them of their gift.

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