Spiral Diner & Bakery Brings Vegan Cuisine Home for the Holidays This November & December

Spiral Diner & Bakery announced today the return of their special Holiday ordering menu launching online November 1, 2022. From savory to sweet and including traditional sides to the main course, the seasonal lineup features fifteen delicious vegan menu items that can be placed for pickup in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Winter holiday festivities. The specialty selections include a single holiday plate option for those non-meat eaters who need to BYOP (bring your own plate) to gatherings and events. 

Spiral Diner Holiday Meal.jpeg

When asked about the holiday menu and what customers can expect from the dishes, Spiral Diner & Bakery Executive Chef Parker Howard said, “Our goal is to provide a traditional family holiday meal, while simultaneously taking out the guesswork and any animal cruelty.  We pour our love of quality ingredients, handcrafted foods, and passion for animal welfare into all that we do. You can order from Spiral Diner and rest assured that every item is completely free of animal products, and will be Grandma approved.”

North Texans in search of animal-product-free alternatives to bring to their holiday table with the warmth and tradition of the season will have two options for location pickup. Spiral Diner & Bakery Fort Worth and Denton will host all-day pickup to make it convenient and easy to bring vegan cuisine home for the holidays. Quick and easy online ordering will be available to customize your menu, selected restaurant location, and arrival time. 

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