Discover the Wild West with Culinary Showdown Taking Over Mule Alley Next Month — Rattle Battle Hosted by Chef Tim Love

Chef and culinary trailblazer, Tim Love, invites North Texas to embark on a wild culinary adventure – Rattle Battle at the Rattler Days Alley Rally, in the Fort Worth Stockyards on Friday, October 6th, 2023, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Food enthusiasts and adventurers are invited to witness this epic culinary battle. Tickets for the inaugural Rattle Battle, hosted by Chef Tim Love, are on sale now for $125 and can be purchased at or in Mule Alley on the event day. 

This culinary showdown promises to captivate taste buds and pay homage to the untamed spirit of the Wild West. Twelve of Fort Worth’s top chefs, including renowned culinary talents such as Graham Elliot (Le Margot), Blaine Staniford (Grace, 61 Osteria, Little Red Wasp), John Bonnell (Bonnell’s Fine Texas Cuisine, WATERS, and Buffalo Bros Pizza Wings & Subs), Rodrigo Cárdenas (Don Artemio Mexican Heritage), Juan Rodriguez (Magdalena’s), Kemel Rodriguez (Paloma Suerte), Taylor McCreary (Lonesome Dove Western Bistro), and Bert Nichols (Tannahill’s Tavern), will embark on a culinary journey like no other as they compete for the grand prize of $2,500 in cash, as well as a prize pack valued at more than $1,000, including Ariat Boots, an RTIC Cooler, TX Whiskey and more. Both judges and fans will vote for the reigned Rattle Battle champ.

Tim Love

When asked about the Inaugural Rattle Battle Chef Tim Love said, “I’m thrilled to host the inaugural Rattle Battle in Mule Alley and bring together Fort Worth’s top culinary talents for this one-of-a-kind challenge – showcasing the extraordinary and often underappreciated ingredient – rattlesnake. These talented chefs will truly show off their culinary chops and show Fort Worth a whole other side of their cooking. We want people to come out, eat some rattlesnake, and help crown the rattlesnake king. “ 

Each of the participating chefs are poised to take attendees on a culinary journey like no other as they select the type of cuisine they wish to prepare, provided their chosen dish prominently features rattlesnake as a key ingredient. The menus of these unique dishes will be made available to attendees before the event. During the Rattle Battle, hosted by Chef Tim Love, each chef will set up a station within Mule Alley, offering attendees the chance to sample all twelve distinctive rattlesnake creations. 

Furthermore, all attendees will receive a Texas Rattlers token that allows them to vote for their favorite dish throughout the event. The top three fan-voted dishes will advance to the celebrity judging round, where a panel of three distinguished culinary experts (to be announced), will take on the daunting task of determining the undisputed master of rattlesnake cuisine and name the inaugural 2023 Rattle Battle Champion. 

Jon Bonell

Chef Love, renowned for his no-holds-barred approach to exotic meats, is once again pushing the boundaries in Cowtown’s culinary scene. This cookoff is inspired by his flagship concept – Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, which has played an integral role in the city’s dining scene since its inception in 2000. Lonesome Dove revolutionized the culinary landscape in Dallas/Fort Worth with dishes like Wagyu Tomahawks and seafood, alongside daring creations such as Kangaroo Carpaccio, Rocky Mountain Elk Ribeye, Wild Boar, and Rabbit & Rattlesnake. The concept proved that wild game could be prepared at an elevated level. In this way, Love epitomizes the essence of Fort Worth – a city where the authenticity of the West and cowboy culture coexist harmoniously with luxurious experiences. 

Rattle Battle, hosted by Chef Tim Love, will headline the lineup of programming for the Rattler Days Alley Rally, presented by Community Coffee fan festival that will take over Fort Worth, in both the Stockyards and outside Dickies Arena, from Oct. 5-8. The weekend festivities include food, music, and the chance for fans to interact with various exhibitors while other teams from the PBR league, like the Austin Gamblers and Kansas City Outlaws, join the event. In addition, there will be pre-event festivities at Dickies Arena, including games, music, and vendor activations, as well as special programming like a pancake breakfast, a parade, and Cowboy Church led by LeAnn Hart Ministries on Sunday. For more information about Ariat Texas Rattlers, visit, Texas Rattlers on Facebook, or @TexasRattlers_ on Instagram and Twitter. 

Blaine Staniford

Rattlesnake Cook-Off Event Details 

Date: October 6th, 2023 

Time: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM 

Participating Chefs: 

○ Graham Elliott – Le Margot 

○ Blaine Staniford – Grace, 61 Osteria, Little Red Wasp 

○ John Bonnell – Bonnell’s Fine Texas Cuisine, WATERS, and Buffalo Bros Pizza Wings & Subs 

○ Rodrigo Cárdenas – Don Artemio

○ Juan Rodriguez – Magdalena’s 

○ Kemel Rodriguez – Paloma Suerte 

○ Taylor McCreary – Lonesome Dove Western Bistro 

○ Bert Nichols – Tannahill’s Tavern


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