Jonathon’s in North Dallas Finally Opened!

by Steven Doyle

What has become a very long wait for opening day has finally arrived. The new Jonathon’s Diner has opened in the former Kel’s space (which is the former Pizza Inn space) in Forestwood. You can find the new location on Forest Land underneath the Tollway overpass.

Jonathon’s Diner has made a huge impact in Oak Cliff at the diner with a sister store just moments up the road. At Jonathon’s, you will often see the man himself literally slinging hash. Jonathon takes pride in his unique and bodacious offerings, from massive chicken fried steaks, to a club sandwich that needs to be eaten at two sittings, and gravy everything. This is one reason we call him the Gravy King. He has actually competed on television with his gravy. The man is a beast in the kitchen.

Look for migas with housemade chorizo, a country Benedict served with a generous supply of creamed pepper gravy, and of course chicken fried steak with or without eggs your way.

The new spiffy diner is decorated as if it has been there for years. After all, it took two years to get past all the trouble thrown Jonathon’s way, including city permits.

Meanwhile, the chef creates these lovely dishes that are all hearty and homespun. Ask him about his entry into muffins and it opens up a whole flavored-filled conversation.

Go check out the new Jonathon’s on Forest in North Dallas and be sure to hang a napkin on for good measure. And the chicken sandwich.


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