Malai Kitchen to Host Annual Bia Hoi Pop-Up at West Village Location on Saturday, October 21

Malai Kitchenthe husband-and-wife-owned restaurant offering a modern take on Thai and Vietnamese cuisine will host their annual Bia Hoi sidewalk pop-up restaurant on Saturday, October 21 from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. (or until they run out) at their West Village location at 3699 McKinney Ave.

The one-day pop-up will feature a Hanoi-style street food stall along with unique bites like you might find in a stall in Vietnam, and Malai’s signature Vietnamese beer, Bia Hoi, which will be served for $1 per pint. Guests will be able to have an authentic experience as they dine on tiny plastic stools and tables.

The menu includes Shrimp Ceviche – diced prawns, Asian pear, red onion, chili-tamarind marinade, shrimp chips; Finger Bread Banh Mi – scratch pate, sriracha aioli, sweet chili jam, Crispy Rice Cracker– crunchy rice patty, fish sauce caramel drizzle, crushed peanuts, and scallions; Crispy Pork Leg– 12-hour braised with cinnamon & anise, then chopped and twice fried with crispy lemongrass, garlic and Thai basil; Baked Scallops- baked on the half-shell with creamy Vietnamese egg custard; Beef Brisket Laab – spicy beef salad with shallot, mint, toasted rice powder, Texas bibb, lime; Purple Yam Doughnut – roasted sweet potato, ground rice, honey cheddar; and Salted Caramel Fish Sauce Ice Cream – fresh churned with red boat fish sauce, palm sugar caramel, and coconut cookie crumble.

Malai Kitchen – West Village 3699 McKinney Ave, Dallas

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