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An Update On Oak Cliff Cellars

Jim and Mariaby Andrew Chalk

We have talked about Oak Cliff Cellars before. Recall that this St. Helena, California, winery is owned by Jim and Maria Richardson, who live in Oak Cliff. That explains the name. All of the wines have California appellations (places of origin) on them.

I see Jim “JR” Richardson periodically as he is a frequent donor to charity events. However, these events don’t usually allow time to sit down and talk at length about the wines. For this reason, when he invited me as a guest at a recent wine tasting he was giving to members of the Oak Cliff Cellars wine club at Bridge Bistro I jumped at the invitation. As well as JR’s wines, guest Chef for the evening was Dallas veteran, Joel Harloff.     Continue reading

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High-End Cabernet Sauvignon Tasting at Pappas Bros. and Oak Cliff Cellars Tasting Next Week

wine4by Andrew Chalk

Two wine tastings next week are Crave Recommended.

Going chronologically:

Oak Cliff Cellars and Chef Joel Harloff pair up at Bridge Bistro on Wednesday January 8th at 6:30pm for a 4-course dinner plus customer update on upcoming developments at Oak Cliff Cellars, including some tours of wine country. Oak Cliff Cellars is a California winery whose owners live in Dallas. Hence their decision to name the winery after their place of residence. Owner Jim “JR” Richardson will be present at the dinner and talking with individual tables throughout the evening. Call (214) 740-1985 for reservations. Bridge Bistro 921 N. Riverfront Blvd, Dallas.

Chef’s Table Wine Dinner featuring Guest Chef Joel Harloff & Oak Cliff Cellars Wines with JR Richardson, Wednesday, January 8th at 6:30 p.m.    Continue reading

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Dali Remembered Dinner This Week At Bridge Bistro

haloffby Steven Doyle

Kay Agnew, Chef Joel Harloff, and Oak Cliff Cellar’s JR Richardson are hosting a “Dali Remembered” wine dinner at Bridge Bistro Wednesday July 17, 2013. Dali was the wonderful wine bistro located in One Arts Plaza where The Greek now resides.  Dali was considered the local Cheers outpost for wine geeks.

Harloff, who is midst retooling Ocho Kitchen and Bar into a new version of Mi Piachi will throw down a wonderful menu that we list below, all paired with Oak Cliff Cellars. Call 214-740-1985 for reservations. Seats are $75 per person. Continue reading

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Oak Cliff Cellars Dinner at Baboush

baboushpicby Steven Doyle

Oak Cliff Cellars and Baboush are joining forces tomorrow for a beautiful wine dinner. Call 214.599.0707 for a reservation. The dinner begins at 7pm June 4, 2013. Below we list the menu which is wine paired at a cost of $45.   Continue reading

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Ocho Hosts First Wine Dinner With Oak Cliff Cellars

ocho1by Andrew Chalk

Finally, cocktail buzz hub Och8, the Dallas outpost of Eric DiSteffano’s Coyote Café empire, held its first wine tasting. I was an invited guest to taste the wines of locally owned California winery Oak Cliff Cellars. Owner Jim Richardson was in attendance to guide us through the wines and Och8 execuchef Joel Harloff took us through the food. These two are a good double-act, and so are their respective products. Neither overwhelmed the other, a fact attested to in the hearty applause at the end from the full-house audience.        Continue reading

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Paradise at Parigi

400945_497071143681697_1685203168_nby Andrew Chalk

Parigi restaurant on Oak Lawn was packed to the gills on Sunday night for a fundraiser for the Promise of Peace Community Garden. The garden, to be built in Little Forest Hills, helps implement the organization’s mission statement. Namely, “seeking simple solutions for increasing high school completion rates and healthy life styles as a result of positive community engagement. POP strives to connect the groups of neighborhoods in East Dallas through horticultural, environmental, and nutritional educational experiences”.   Continue reading

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