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Treats of Christmas at NorthPark

by Crave Staff

The Texas Chefs Association is look for professional bakers to donate their goods to this wonderful cause that benefits several local charities in North Texas.  They are also looking for professional pastry eaters to come buy the goods!  Check out the information below to learn how you may help.

NorthPark Center and the Texas Chefs Association’s 25th Annual “Treats of Christmas” will be held Saturday, December 17th at NorthPark Center.

The best chefs, bakers and culinary students in Dallas will sell sumptuous cakes, cookies, pies and candies to raise much needed funds for the North Texas Food Bank and the Union Gospel MissionContinue reading

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Ribald Cakes For That Special Party

by Steven Doyle     photos by Robert Bostick

Last week we stopped in to visit a shop that is not your typical culinary outlet in Dallas. Condom Nation  is now making what we believe to be the only professional ‘porn’ cakes in North Texas. These are the type of cakes you might find at a bachelor or bachelorette party, or perhaps to serve after a particularly bad divorce. There might be other occasions for these pastries, like for your naughtiest friend’s birthday. You get the idea.

Take a jump with us if this is even mildly interesting. This is where you will find the bawdy behavior for today.  The rest of you, stay here.   Continue reading

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Celebrate National Pie Day(s): These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Pies

by Steven Doyle

There seems to be a dispute as to when National Pie Day is celebrated. We try to follow the food holidays as best and accurately as possible. One very reliable list marks today as pie day, and the Pie Council  (I guess there is a Pie Council) states that it is in January. We say why chance it and go with both. You can never be too handsome or have too much pie.

Let there be no doubt, we like pie.

We have known our fair share of great pies. We are not sure we can limit our pie fever to just five, and we are not quite sure we can do that, so we plan on name dropping a lot of pies out of our pie-hole.   Continue reading


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The Crazy Kolache Lady of Calvert

By Babs Hogan

Drivers are concerned about two things as they approach Calvert, Texas. The first is the speed trap within a mile of the city limits. Second, the mid-town traffic light, which seems to favor red. Frequent travelers on Highway 6 can be lulled as they pass decrepit barns, dry cotton fields, and rusted gates. Unless shopping for western-style furniture, decorative art, or rare antiques are on your list, it’s easy to drift through this four-block town without blinking. But that would be a mistake.    Continue reading


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Pop-Up Dinner Fun and Excitement

by Steven Doyle

This past weekend we visited one of our favorite pop-up chefs that we spoke about on craveDFW last week, Nicole Van Camp. Nicole is a firecracker chef that we have set sights on to make it big on the Dallas dining scene and she has already taken strides in that direction.

Having worked at Nana (where her husband is sous chef to Anthony Bombaci) and Bolsa, Van Camp has a great insight into top cuisine and possesses a great imagination for local products.   Continue reading


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Twitter Your Way To Free La Duni Dinner

by Crave Staff

This just crossed our desk from one of the lovlier PR people in Big D. La Duni is opening a new location and they want you to try it out.  We also like any excuse to post a photo of Dunia.  Jump for hot details… Continue reading

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