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When in Austin…Conan’s Pizza

by Robert Bostick
Driving South on IH-35 the conversation turned to what eats to get once hitting Austin city limits, and there was no question it would be Conan’s Pizza.  We have a long history with Conan’s; my wife remembers her childhood afternoons after a softball game with her family, and my late night conversations with  friends over a pitcher of Shiner and brief employment there.  Continue reading


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A Trio of Tastes in Houston

Smoked Salmon Sandwich from Brasserie 19by Joey Stewart            photos by Joey Stewart

Houston is home to one of the most diverse and multicultural dining scenes in the country.  On a recent trip we chose three restaurants that feature Vietnamese, Japanese, and French themes for our readers to try next time they visit the Bayou area.   Continue reading


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Fine Dining on the Texas Coast

by Joey Stewart

On our quest to seek out the “finer dining” gems along the south Texas coast we present GLOW, the second restaurant reviewed in as many weeks located in the town of Rockport, Texas.

Chef/Owner Karey B. Johnson showcases locally caught seafood in a restored boathouse just off the water in this fishing and vacation town.  “Our role at GLOW is to present the ingredients in a simple, elegant way that showcases the essence of the dish.  We wouldn’t want to muddle the flavors,” she explains.  “They speak for themselves.” Along with über fresh seafood, Karey also brings in meats such as antelope from Broken Arrow Ranch in the Hill Country and local goat for a featured slow-braised cabrito and masa dish.   Continue reading


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The Road To San Antone: Czech Stop

by Robert Bostick
The wife had a conference in San Antonio and it was decided that we’d make it a family affair so we loaded up the KIA and headed South, and thought it might be interesting to document some of the stops along the way.
Anytime (and I mean every time) we drive up or down  the I-35 corridor there is the obligatory pullover at that Capitol of Kolaches in West, TX known as the Czech Stop.  Since 1983 this deli-bakery-Shell station has been crankingout Czechoslovakian goodness that has six hundred travelers daily taking exit 353 to fill their tanks and their bellies.
             Continue reading

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The Crazy Kolache Lady of Calvert

By Babs Hogan

Drivers are concerned about two things as they approach Calvert, Texas. The first is the speed trap within a mile of the city limits. Second, the mid-town traffic light, which seems to favor red. Frequent travelers on Highway 6 can be lulled as they pass decrepit barns, dry cotton fields, and rusted gates. Unless shopping for western-style furniture, decorative art, or rare antiques are on your list, it’s easy to drift through this four-block town without blinking. But that would be a mistake.    Continue reading


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Lamesa’s Sky-Vue Theater and Legendary Chihuahua

by Steven Doyle

Lamesa’s Sky-Vue Drive-In Theater, established in 1948, is well known through out the state. It is one of a handful of drive-in theaters remaining in the state of Texas. Some claim that the drive-in continues to operate merely to serve the legendary “Chihuahua” sandwich (stacked fried corn tortillas filled with homemade chili, onions, shredded cabbage and pimento cheese with a jalapeño pepper on the side) which is a specialty of the outdoor theater.   Continue reading


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