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Mestizo Mezcal at Komali

mestizoby Andrew Chalk

If you are interested in Mexican distilled spirits then get on to the Komali mailing list. Komali owner Abraham Salum has been holding some of the most interesting tastings in town. Hitherto, they have covered Tequila brands. Last week he hosted Mestizo Mezcal. What is Mezcal? Isn’t it just Tequila with a slug in the bottle?

Actually, none of the above. Tequila is Mezcal, made from the blue agave plant, if that helps. Mezcal is the broader category. The production techniques for high grade versions of each are identical. The heart of the maquey plant is roasted for three days and develops a brittleness that allows it to be crushed and release its liquid. This is fermented and then distilled. The long roasting gives mezcal its distinctive difference from tequila — a pronounced smokiness in the taste. Note no worm (larva). That is totally inessential to the product and probably a marketing gimmick for low-end mezcal in the past.    Continue reading

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Ian Tate Named Exec Chef At Both Salum and Komali

Ian Tate Headshotby Steven Doyle

Ian Tate has been named Executive Chef of Salum and Komali restaurants in Uptown. Chef Tate’s DFW experiences have included helping to open the Brownstone in Fort Worth as well as Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen and was former executive chef of Nova. The announcement was made by chef-owner Abraham Salum.  Ian has worked in restaurants from New Orleans to Natchez and was formerly with the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington DC.    Continue reading

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