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‘The Taste’ Has A Little Less Flavor Without Uno

IMG_1487by Steven Doyle        photos by James Gates

Last night on the latest edition of The Taste, local chef Uno Immanivong was booted from the program. I do not normally report on television and reality programs, but Dallas had a vested interest in seeing this particular chef win the big prize. We certainly cannot depend on the Cowboys for bringing home the honors. However, our local chefs seem to fare rather well on television, and Uno took the news in stride and now focuses on her new Trinity Groves restaurant, Chino, which should be open in a matter of a few short months.

Last night I stopped by the Sunset Lounge where the chef gathered a large handful of people to watch the program. This took a certain amount of grace knowing that within an hour the news of her demise would be revealed, but it was fitting to be surrounded by her Chino business partner and the rest of her long-time friends.        Continue reading

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