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Brewvolution Showcases Texas’s Most Loved Breweries

beer3by Melissa Robert

Saturday kicked off the third annual North Texas Beer Week with its commencement event, Brewvolution. Centennial Hall, the 95,000 square foot venue in Fair Park, was filled with beer-lovers young and old – all legal drinking age of course. Event-goers were greeted at the door with the 2013 Treasure Map which did indeed mark the spot where the favorite brews could be found. Those in the know arrived early, adorned with pretzel necklaces and silly hats only a beer-lovers mother could love. The organizers of Untapped Festival and Big Texas Beer Fest teamed up to ensure this ale extravaganza would go off without a hitch.

While the most popular taps ran dry as the hours passed, food trucks and vendors on site kept bellies full. Live music from local bands such as the Roomsounds and Hanna Barbarians provided another element of fun which guests could enjoy while letting their beer and brats settle. Sampling cup-holder necklaces from Oskar Blues were a hit. I’ll definitely come equipped with a cup holding necklace contraption next year since holding my sample cup, tasting card and nibbling on my pretzel necklace all at the same time proved entirely too difficult.   Continue reading

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You Say You Want A Brewvolution?

texasbrewvolutionby Steven Doyle

If you have ever been to one of the events put on by Chad and Nellie Montgomery of the Big Texas Beer Fest fame, you will totally appreciate and guide yourself to their latest event this Saturday, November 9 at the Texas State Fairgrounds. The same people that do the Big Texas event are hosting the Brewvolution as well, and they managed to secure one additional brewer that we’re excited about. Karbach Brewing from Houston, who’s not normally in Dallas will be at the festival. They’re bringing their Bourbon Barrel Hellfighter too. Speaking of which, the entire beer list has just been released.

If you’re going in VIP-style, they’ve announced the VIP pre-party at Craft & Growler the evening before. VIP’s be on the lookout for an email late Thursday/early Friday with all the details. This will be the beginning of NTX Beer Week. If you’ve delayed until now, you can get your tickets here.     Continue reading


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