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Moonshine Shenanigans With Bartender Ashley Williams

by Steven Doyle

Last night at the Ryan Barnett underground dinner I was served by a familiar face. Ashley Williams who I had seen previously as bartender at several restaurants including Bailey’s and now Bistro 31 where she met chef Ryan. Ashley is this fantastic bartender who worked under one of the local cocktail masters, Lucky Campbell.

While she was just perfect at pouring our BYOB wine and settling up the silverware for each course, I had something else in mind for the young bartender.            Continue reading


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Cut The Fever With A Gin And Tonic — UPDATED

by Steven Doyle

Last evening I spent most of my dinner discussion on the attributes of a fine gin and tonic with the British makers of Fever Tree. The gents flew nearly 5,000 miles to attend Tales of the Cocktail where they are the official mixer sponsor. Last night’s dinner was the result of a lay-over coup and a few locals were able to meet and greet with full-on Texas hospitality.

I was personally anxious to try the tonic water thinking I had never tried the mixer before. I spend most of my summers sipping the cooling concoction, and switch to the darker spirits in less miserable months.           Continue reading


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