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Five Fantastic Tequilas You Need To Taste

tequila.jpgby Steven Doyle

I think most of us are now educated enough in the ways of tequila, the refinement, the unexpected pleasure of the beautiful liquid. We know the difference between a tequila we might sip like a superior whiskey, and those which we would slam at a college frat party. Today we examine a few in the former category.

Here are a few of our favorites you might try this week as we celebrate tequila! Continue reading

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Exciting New Concept Comes from Jesus Carmona of Chimichurri

Trinity Groves is a treasure trove of good food, from top-notch Italian to modern Chinese. Soon, the West Dallas dining destination will expand with Milagro, a new taco-focused restaurant from Jesus Carmona, the chef behind the beloved Tacos Mariachi, that is slated to open this month.

Tacos Mariachi opened in 2015 on Singleton Boulevard, just down the street from Trinity Groves, and it quickly drew a loyal crowd of diners—it even drew in Guy Fieri, who featured the show on “Diners, Drive-In and Dives.” Unfortunately, Carmona had to close his restaurant in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, Carmona focused his attention on his Argentinian bistro in the Bishop Arts District, Chimichurri.  Shortly after opening, Carmona was contacted by the Trinity Groves group to relocate the original Tacos Mariachi two blocks down to the new retail space located in Phase Two of the new apartment buildings.

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The Mossie Report From Tales Of The Cocktail

totc5by Mossie Power

Southern Hospitality is renowned around the world and it was something that this Irish blow-in to Dallas experienced at this year’s Tales of the Cocktail.  What was hoped was to educate, taste and taste some more spirits.  What was found was that there is spirit alive and kicking with the Texas service family.

For this eager traveler this was both a mixture of work and fun with the now legendary William Grant and Sons party on Wednesday night, with a movie, theme taking up the only time spent behind the stick.  Texas was again represented in force with Carly Boord showcasing a cell with all the colors of the rainbow with Reyka.  JP De Lora looked even more dapper than his usual fun self with slicked back hair and moustache with Milagro.    Continue reading

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