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Why You Should Not Eat Blue Bell Ice Cream In Dallas

ice cream galsby Steven Doyle

The big news hitting the streets of Texas is that Blue Bell is making its comeback in a very large way after experiencing a disaster which affected the health of many people. Although the ice cream is still only available in limited areas in Texas, places like Pokey-O’s, which makes a dreamy ice cream sandwich using homemade cookies and a selection of Blue Bell, actually made a trip to Austin to procure enough ice cream to sell a dozen of the sandwiches Thursday night (September 3rd) for sale to benefit the North Texas Food Bank. The ice cream sandwiches will set you back $25 each.

For those wishing to find Blue Bell, as it has been blasted across the media, you will soon have all the flavors you have come to enjoy at a store near you.

Charity aside, we are going to make a very unpopular stance: Blue Bell Ice Cream just isn’t that great. Especially considering the competition. We made a list of places in the DFW area that should be on your ice cream licking list. Go local! Continue reading


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Chill With Old Town Creamery

by Steven Doyle

A few short years ago Ayesha and Hussain Kedwaii purchased Old Town Creamery which was then located on Greenville Avenue. Today the couple have a bustling business that has been relocated to their Plano location on Coit and Spring Creek and are enjoying a crazy bit of success.

When we visited the ice cream parlor it was standing room only, and not much real estate to stand on. This obvious makes Hussain a happy man.                    Continue reading

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