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Review: Roux Bistro

DSC00858by Steven Doyle

You have most likely seen the new restaurant at 4218 Lemmon Ave in Dallas, and caved to caution with thoughts of the unfortunate restaurants that preceded Roux Bistro. And there were some unfortunate concepts that occupied that space such as Tallywackers. Or Lolitas. Or how about Cafe Cancun. Some spaces just have a difficult time with their tenants until something truly wonderful comes along, and that is Roux.

Owned by veteran restaurateur and delightful Greek Theodore Koutsogeorgas Roux has a unique niche in the Dallas market. Call him Theo, his surname might be a bit of trouble for some. And you will see him roam the floor, attending each guest with aplomb. He has been doing this since his days at Goldfinger. I recall Theo from his management work at Beau Nash, and the gentleman has owned his fair share of delightful restaurants, and still owns the Greek spot at Collin Creek.   Continue reading

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