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The Most Interesting Taco In The World Comes To Dallas

by Steven Doyle

Beginning Wednesday, April 25 through Saturday, May 5, the bold can visit the Dos Equis-branded taco truck to participate in the 2012 Feast of the Brave. Follow Dos Equis Facebook page April 25 for the local map and schedule of taco stops in Dallas, “bravery points” leader board, menus and Feast photos from the events.

In each participating city, local chefs will be crafting and serving free original tacos – one taco per person, while daily supplies last – with ingredients not usually found in your soft or crunchy-shelled taco. From fried pig ear, chicken gizzard and armadillo to grilled shark, fried alligator, hog stomach and thousand-year-old egg fritters, each esophagus-chilling taco comes with “bravery points,” pitting the cities in a contest for bravest palette.   Continue reading

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