Hunt For CFS: Raven’s Grille

by David Donalson

There is nothing more Texan than chicken fried steak. Everyone has their own personal favorites and it is a matter of personal pride. I have eaten more than my fair share as my waistline can attest to but there is a hidden gem in the Mid-cities area that may have my favorite, Raven’s Grille.

You may be asking where Raven’s Grille is hidden if it is as good as it looks (and it is)? Raven’s Grille is clubhouse restaurant of Texas Star golf course. Texas Star is an amazing course that may be the hardest course I have ever played in very limited experience. What could be better than waking up early and getting a round of golf in? Eating this chicken fried steak afterward. 

I brought a couple of family members who introduced me to Raven’s Grille about two years ago. We looked over the menu and out onto the golf course to find inspiration, knowing full well we were going to get a chicken fried steak. The only real decision is how hungry you are. They have a single barrel ($7.95) that is the size of your fanned hand and a double barrel ($9.95) the size of your head (or at least mine). With a side of mashed potatoes and fried okra like the good southern boy I am, it is time to dig in.

The chicken fried steak has the perfect ratio of meat, fry and peppered cream gravy. The meat is lean and flavorful and the gravy is smooth, creamy and has a slight kick from the pepper but the true star of the day is the fry. The fry is buttery and flaky, with enough crunch to provide texture but not enough that it overwhelms the entire steak. Lord it is good looking out at the view of the course and eating a piece of heaven, it just doesn’t get any better than this. My suggestion is to order the double barrel and a to-go box. It makes for a great chicken fried steak sandwich the next day.


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5 responses to “Hunt For CFS: Raven’s Grille

  1. Hubbard

    Where is the Texas Star? It sounds good.

  2. CFSLover

    The “Raven’s Grille” link in the story links to “The Raven Grill” in Houston…pretty sure that’s not the restaurant you’ve reviewed. 🙂

  3. Fred Thomas

    Is this CFS pan-fried or deep-fried? That usually makes a big difference to the true CFS aficionado.

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